2 things you must know about data recovery


There is no doubt that data recovery is among the most dynamic fields in the world of technology today. Individuals and organizations face the risk of data loss all the time and always seek the services of data recovery experts. If you are interested in the science of data recovery, you should know the two facts below.


There are many causes of data loss

Many factors can lead to data loss. However, these fall into 3 broad categories namely; software failure, hardware failure and human error. Hardware or system malfunction can lead to data loss especially as a result of electrical failure, controller failure, head crash, among others. When software gets corrupted or fails, data can be lost. Software failure or corruption is often blamed on malware, viruses, spyware and among others. Besides, software that is not up to date can also fail leading to data loss. Human errors such as accidental deletion of data or when a user makes other mistakes can lead to data loss. Besides human errors, computer theft can also lead to data loss. Individuals and organizations have lost data when thieves steal computers containing sensitive information. Natural disasters although rare, cannot be ruled out either.

With so many causes of data loss, data backup is important. This is because even with data recovery services and software ( fact 2 below), it is still possible to loss data completely. Just imagine a fire incident or theft.

Data recovery has greatly evolved over the years

It is true, there are several causes of data loss. Nonetheless, data recovery approaches have become more advanced thanks to technology.

While a lot of data recovery issues call for a trained professional, a user can also recover lost data by themselves. This is by the use of various software to retrieve the data. Besides, if someone is knowledgeable on how hard drives function, he/she can figure out how to solve data loss problems as a result of hardware failure. But this should only be done if you are very sure.

However, in some cases, it is best to call in a data recovery expert. A professional will come with the requisite tools to recover the data. It is always important to draw the line between when you can do it on your own and when you require assistance.



Data loss and data recovery is an ever present concern. With so many causes of data loss, it is always recommended to back up your data always.