Data Recovery

How to recover the data when there is a Logical damage?

Sometimes the secondary storage devices or the internal and the external hard disk drives, USB drives, CDs, DVDs and other electronic devices may get damaged and the data stored in it may also get deleted. So, there occurs a need for recovering the data that are stored in those storage devices. The physical damages such as motor failure or the magnetic tapes inside simply break to the storage media may also result in the loss of information that is being stored.

Data Recovery

Techniques for recovering the lost data:

    Some damages can be solved by changing the parts in the hard disk, doing such will definitely help in making the disk as usable one. Similarly, a specialized disk-imaging procedure in which the image that is acquired can be analyzed for any logical damage can be used to make the damaged data into a readable one, and most of the original system is recovered.

What is mean by Logical damage?

    The damage or error that requires the solution in the software-level is often termed as the Logical damage. In this case, the original data can be recovered by using the specialized data recovery software called Testdisk which can be done by the people who are not proficient in the drive hardware also.

Recovering data from remote:

    In recent times, it is not necessary to have the direct access to the damaged hardware by the technician due to the advanced technology has come into effect which includes the repairing of the hardware using the remote access to the computer through LAN, or through the Internet. This technique is used almost everywhere to recover the lost data, the only thing it requires is the stable connection until the process is finished.

Commonly used four phases for recovering the lost data:

Phase 1- The hard disk drive repairing is the first thing that is usually followed to recover the data that has been lost due to the fault in the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) which happened because of the fault in the spindle motor.

Phase 2- When the repairing of hard disk drive fails the second phase that is used to recover the lost data is that creating an image of the new drives that helps in performing the testing and protecting from the harmful sources.

Phase 3- After the drive has been created into new drives, the third thing that is to be followed is the Master Boot Record (MBR).